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The magic of the SLR camera and our passion for photography has kept us behind the view-finder and at the 1320 barricade for many years now. We always shoot life on our terms and characterize our outlook on life as looking deep within the essence of the beauty and magic that surrounds us. 


We seek out the aesthetic wonderment of life’s amazing moments… exploring visual excitement, the subtle side of things, brazen and/or abstract, intricate details, simple miracles, and how we feel about the world as we experience it! We love loosing ourselves within life adventures as we endeavor to get inside of them… always probing the diverse realities of our increasingly infinite universe. 


We also investigate isolated colors and forms in places that often are over looked and seek to unveil the extraordinary from the ordinary. Our photography can be as simple or complex as we choose it to be. It’s a never ending whirlpool of artistic license, science, vision, perception, rules, alchemy, color, light, composition, feelings and whimsical emotions. Because of our love of Drag Racing we were destined to spend countless hours at the barrier photographing the intense allurement that these mechanical masterpieces of unrestricted horse-power discharge!

Capturing Kodak moments in time historically documents what is to become a lasting impression, and will forever immortalize each 1320 onslaught as it unfolds. Simply stated… we love putting a frame around our cosmos; it’s what we do best in life. Capturing the essence of the human spirit and preserving the atmosphere of the moment is as rewarding as it can get.


- Darrell and Pam Conrad



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