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Our Charter

Our Charter

The proliferation of Hot Rods and Drag Racing in the 50’s is considered to be one of the most interesting cultural developments in post-World War II history and within American society. 


Since that historic Sunday afternoon on Jun 19, 1950 when C. J. “Pappy” Hart put together the first commercial Dragstrip on an unused runway at the Santa Ana Airport; countless numbers of “Dragstrip Iron” have imprinted indelible numbers on the 1320 worldwide. 


It was a very magical time when preoccupations with political and social issues were haunting the land. Throughout the 50’s and 60’s (on a sheer statistical basis), the number of cars and Dragstrips that came into existence during that time frame has not been equaled since.


Though we have had to bid farewell to many of our Drag Racing heroes over the years; their legacies live on in the pages of the “Golden Era of Drag Racing’s” history book and within our memories. Today many automotive racing enthusiasts will undoubtedly agree that this period in time was “Americana” at its finest.

The desire to impose the fascinating rebirth of the American Hot Rod culture during the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s has emphatically transformed into what is representative of Nostalgia Drag Racing today. It’s a world where science, technology and iconic imagery have collided with history, characterization and universal symbolic culture. Together they have evoked a passion deep within its audience that burns hotter than nitro header flames.      


Our “Dragstrip Iron” website is dedicated to the preservation of Drag Racing’s forefathers, pioneers and the legendary mechanical masterpieces they raced. It is our sincere desire to capture the magic of today’s Nostalgia Drag Racing resurgence and bring it to a viewing device near you.   


We hope that you will enjoy your visit to “Dragstrip Iron”… 


Thank you for stopping in, 

Darrell, Pam, Mark and Don ~

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