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2016 Crusin' Grand Presents...Escondido Nitro Night

The streets of Escondido came to life yet again this year with the thunderous roar of 20 historic nitro fed cars from the good ole days!

As they cars arrived with their owners/and drivers, they took their pits and readied for the afternoon fire-up! The crowds of anxious onlookers

were milling about, friends were visiting, and swapping old racing memories.

After the driver meeting that was held by Steve Gibbs, the owners and drivers returned to their cars and started the fueling process.

To kick off the 1st of the fire -ups was Joel Gruzen with son, Dave Gruzen in the "HOUSE OF MOUSE" and from there is was a NITRO FEST!!!

As the sun set and darkness fell, the crowd lined the streets with excitement for the upcoming NITRO cacklefest show!

The cars and drivers were paired up and they were push started down Grand Ave to the awaiting Christmas Tree. There they had a side by side cackle which lit up the night sky and thrilled the packed streets of excited fans!

Another successful year on the streets of Escondido...thank you to all who makes this incredible event possible!

Participating Cars and Owners

Larry Huff's "Soapy Sales" AA/FDTommy Allen

Tommy Ivo's Barnstormer AA/FDRon Johnson

ChiZler AA/FDRon Johnson

Southwind III AA/FDJay Carpenter

Tocco, Harper, Garten AA/FAMike Tocco

Gruzen-Newhouse AA/FAJoel Gruzen

Smirnoff AA/FDJoe Passelaqua

Dean Eng. Special AA/FDJake McCloud

Yeakle Plymouth Spec. AA/FDFrank Baney & Paul Rossi

Joe Schubeck AA/FDJoe Schubeck

Beaver Hunter AA/FAJoe Thomas

Wilton & Doss AA/FDDevon Wilton

Anaconda AA/FDBob Hirsch

Iron Horse AA/FDSam Chastain

Shubert & Herbert AA/FDRon Johnson

Schultz & Glenn AA/FDDan & Crystal Gerber

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