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The 2016 ANRA SUMMER NATIONALS were once again a huge hit with the racers, and the fans!

This event held an extra special moment...Friday night in the Grove, family, friends, and racers gathered

for a dinner to celebrate the life of Bill Condit. Shortly after the dinner was held, everyone gathered to the

bleachers for a Memorial Service held by Chaplain Matt Miller. Family and friends were encouraged to come up

and share their stories/memories of Bill, and the ones that did were so spot Bill!!!

After the close of the Memorial Service, Greg Means, and Adam Morgan (NE1 Class) both with a flag attached to their cars,

took a Green Light in honor of Bill Condit, and made a pass down the Famoso 1320 in his honor!

Congratulations to all the WINNERS and to all the RACERS on a fabulous weekend of racing!

Great job once again by Butch and Diana Headrick and their staff along with the FAMOSO Raceway Staff!

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