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The 2016 ANRA SEASON OPENER BBQ and AWARDS was another huge hit with the racers and fans! The racers were lined up outside the Famoso gates awaiting the 3:00pm call to be escorted in. Once in the gates, the pits quickly filled up and everyone was busy setting up camp, visiting with friends and getting their cars to tech!

Just prior to sunset, a wicked wind storm blew through the pits for a short bit, but that did not deter the anxious racers. As soon as the worst of the wind passed, it was back to business!

It was a great turnout of cars, over 300 plus were there to take their turn down the Famed Famoso 1320!

Racing got under way Friday morning with qualifying rounds for Jr.s, Hot Rods, Nostalgia Eliminators, Gas classes, Open Wheel, and SPM. The day came to a close with the much anticipated BBQ and Awards dinner that Butch and his staff provide to everyone at the Season Opener each year.

A great time for friends to come together, visit, bench race and have some delicious food. Afterwards the much coveted 2015 Champion Awards were handed out by Mike English and Butch Headrick. It's quite the honor to receive a "BUTCHIE"

Great job once again by Butch Headrick and his staff!

Sunday brought a great day of racing...with everyone fighting hard for the Green light on the Tree and the WIN light at the Top End!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Winners on a great job and to ALL the racers for a wonderful weekend of racing and your true grit!

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